OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBIT: The Search For The Lost Disney Cartoons (Special Edition)


By David A. Bossert

Preface by Robert A. Iger



Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was created in 1927 by Walt Disney and his team through twenty-six cartoon shorts. Not without fits and starts, the series and its impish title character were an instant hit with audiences. At the end of that initial run, Walt lost the contract to Oswald, which prompted the creation of Mickey Mouse. Over the years, Oswald became a footnote in the Disney story . . . until 2006, when The Walt Disney Company recovered rights to Walt’s twenty-six shorts. Behind-the-scenes, a complex and labor-intensive search developed for the physical film footage of some Oswald cartoons deemed “lost to time.”

For anyone interested in Disney origins, fascinated by early cinema, or entertained by a feisty little rabbit, this engaging and accessible volume delivers an in-depth look at Walt’s first major animated success and the journey to reclaim the lost Disney films. Features updates on newly discovered film prints, a foreword by Disney CEO, Bob Iger, and six collectible prints.


“We all owe Dave Bossert a tremendous debt for his determined efforts to find and restore the missing films from Oswald’s first year. Now, in this richly illustrated volume, Dave shares the details of those films, as well as the adventure of rescuing them from obscurity.”

—JB Kaufman, film historian

and coauthor of Walt in Wonderland and

Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies


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