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The art of George Scribner:

The panama canal Paintings


By David A. Bossert

Foreword by Jorge L. Quijano,

Administrator of the

Panama Canal Authority 2012-2019


The Old Mill Press

ISBN- 9781735769172, 100 Pages, Paperback

Artist George Scribner visited the Panama Canal Expansion construction site multiple times over an eight-year period as part of a commission from the Panama Canal Authority to document with brush and paint this wonder of the modern world. The Art of George Scribner: The Panama Canal Paintings traces Scribner’s process in capturing the grandeur and majesty of this massive engineering effort in a series of large-scale paintings. This book explores in detail the artist’s thought process in creating a painting from start to finish. It is very much a tutorial in painting large and small scale structures from drawing in rough shapes to laying in light and dark values to refining the image details to finishing a painting and knowing when it is done. This book is a valuable reference for any artist and is a wonderful addition to anyone’s library who appreciates the intersection of art and history.




"Scribner is a master storyteller. His work transforms the treacherous construction sites of the Canal Zone into narratives of man and machine that are full of atmosphere, texture and subtle color.   There is real emotion in his work that communicates the sacrifice, innovation and insane persistence needed to build this wonder of the modern world.”

                                                     — Don Hahn,

Producer of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King



“To capture the enormity of the Panama expansion, and the historical significance, would take a very unique, special artist. Someone who can create great art from massive real-life achievements, yet capture the individual worker, the passion and dedication, and even the subtleties of ever-changing form and light and color over years. The only artist to do this is George Scribner. I am so excited to see this wonderful volume, with David Bossert’s insightful commentary, and appreciation of this moment in history, as well as such an extensive collection of George’s pieces, a side of him we’ve not seen before. I know all fans of Dave, and George, and great human endeavors captured in art, will treasure this collection.”


   — Bob Weis,

Imagineering Global Ambassador, Walt Disney Imagineering 



“All who have enjoyed George Scriber’s beautiful artwork over the years will be delighted by this collection of Panama Canal expansion paintings.  Scribner has perfectly captured the scale and the excitement of excavation and re-creation of the canal. The paintings pay visual homage to the many men and women who worked on this daunting project for years; they also provide a vivid and colorful narrative of carving out a new passageway from ocean to ocean. The introductory text provides helpful context for the paintings, and the numerous images are beautifully reproduced.”


— Al Sprague,

Fine art Painter



“A very beautiful book full of many great paintings, illustrations and descriptions from a great artist friend George Scribner to whom always been my inspirations.”


— Sunny Apinchapong-Yang,

Fine art Painter


“George Scribner is an amazing artist who has given a great gift that will surely inspire many future generations. One could easily be overwhelmed by the enormity of this project, but George has followed through admirably and created an impressive body of work. Thank you, George, on behalf of humanity, for being a poet with paint, and such a kind and lovely person.”


— Carol Marine,

fine artist and teacher



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